What Happens During a Reiki Session?

A reiki session begins with a conversation about what you want to be different. 

Reiki healing operates from the understanding that physical and emotional dis-ease can begin outside of the body. 

This means that during our initial conversation our attention may move to your thoughts or to somewhere in your past. 

Once what you want to be different has been established, a client then lies down on a massage table or other prepared space. 

The reiki practitioner then connects with reiki energy and sets the intention for the kind of healing that is wanted. 

It is understood that energy follows intention. In accordance with the clients stated desire reiki energy is channeled through the reiki practitioner into the body or the aura of a client. 

Reiki can be hands-on meaning a practitioner may place their hands gently on your body. 

Reiki can also be hands-off meaning a practitioner may hold their hands slightly above your body or even several feet away from your body. 

A reiki practitioner is always listening to and feeling the energies of your body and directing the flow of reiki accordingly. 

This means that a practitioner may move around your body throughout the whole session, or they may remain stationary for most of it. 

Where a reiki practitioner moves is guided by the healing intention, the energy of your body, and the energy of reiki. 

Sometimes the physical body responds to the energy being channeled into it with muscle twitches, spasms, and small movements of the limbs and head. 

There may be movement in the digestive system or a strong need to cough. 

It is not unusual for a client to experience an emotional release of some kind. 

For example: tears, big sighs, a swelling of emotion throughout the body particularly in the heart center, or even brief flashes of frustration or anger. 

During a session these moments are considered a good thing and evidence that the reiki energy is doing what we have asked it to do. 

Allowing an emotion to follow its natural course without trying to contain it or stop it is highly encouraged so that the emotion can move through you to completion. 

People often describe a reiki session as a safe container to experience an emotion that they otherwise would choose not to have. 

There may be a moment when a reiki practitioner asks you to pinpoint where in your body pain, anxiety, depression, or something like this "lives". 

This allows you as the client to track along side of the reiki practitioner the changes that are happening during a session. 

You may notice changes in the density, color, shape, and texture of the pain, emotion, or mental state. 

Typically the energy that we are focusing on will dissipate or move out of the body entirely. 

It can take more than one session for a thorough healing to be accomplished.

Relief of some kind is almost always experienced after a reiki session. 

In my experience, when clients reflect back on their healing journeys a reiki session is often considered the beginning point or the moment when a shift in trajectory was made. 

How Reiki and the Chakras Can Help Us Find Our Way

The chakras contain our belief systems and our core programs of operation. We are born and raised into our programming. The chakras run automatically in accordance with the belief systems that are stored in them. They do not change their mode of operation unless they are directed to do so. Making sure these energy centers in our body are in agreement with what we actually believe to be true is vital to living a happy and fulfilled life.

If our base operating system contains things that are not in alignment with what is true for us, many of our actions towards goals and achievements will be undermined. Confusion and apathy in regards to purpose and direction is often a sign that something is amiss in one or more of our chakras.

  • The first chakra contains all our survival information.

  • The second chakra is the center for sexuality, emotions, pleasure, connecting with others, creativity, intuition.  

  • The third chakra represents our action, will, vitality, power of transformation, self worth, self confidence.

  • The heart chakra is the center of love and inner peace as experienced within as a state of being.

  • The throat chakra represents communication, sound, creativity through expression.

  • The third eye chakra represents our ability to see and focus on the big picture, decision making, psychic ability, higher intuition.

  • The crown chakra is related to spiritual connection and enlightenment.

The descriptions above are a general overview of what the chakras contain. The chakra centers actually carry very nuanced energy that are layered and integrated with each other. For some people it could take years of processing to get to the core of each mismatched belief system in a way that allowed them to be free of them.

Reiki is a wonderful way to clear out programming that no longer serves you with much greater ease. Energy follows intention. Through the focused intention of a reiki practitioner, reiki can be channeled into the chakra centers. The high frequency of reiki raises the vibrations of the chakras causing them to be a mismatch for any vibrations that are not a fit for health and well being. Like a sieve, Reiki filters out those energies that are not a match for who you really are allowing you to move forward through life in alignment with your true self. No more clouded thinking. No more self doubt. No more second guessing. Only clarity, ease, and contentment.

Self-Care on the Weekdays

While I’m sitting here in the office at 5pm on a Monday, the sun is down and city lights are glowing through the window. It makes me realize that I haven’t taken the time today to give myself any attention. Of course I took care of the little things like food and heigen but other then that, I haven’t done anything else. So what I can do now that it’s the end of my day and all I want to do is put on my pajamas and curl up on the couch.

These are my go to options when I need some self-care but don’t have extra energy.

  1. Tea - something easy, I like something herbal and fruity at night.

  2. MagCalm - Not only will this help me sleep but it will help my muscles to not cramp after my long day on my feet.

  3. Foam Rolling - Many of you know how I really feel about this

  4. Stretching - while watching something on Netflix it’s a great time to roll around on the floor stretching and playing with the dog.

  5. Heat Pack - pajamas and heat pack before bed is always great.

  6. Essential Oils - a defuser is an easy way to calm yourself down as well as make your whole house smell amazing! I love using our Lavender or Tonify Earth at home when my days are stressful. If I feel a cold coming on, I like Lime Peel or Eucalyptus to keep my sinuses clear.

  7. Epsom Salts - Wether I’m sitting or standing all day, my days are long lately so a hot bath with some epsom salts is a great way to relax my body and mind before a restful sleep.

  8. Meditation - deep breathing or a simple guided meditation track is an easy way to give myself some attention.

  9. Sombra - almost always part of nightly routine … I slather it on my arms, chest and low back the most, then curl up in bed and wait for the chilly tingle to kick in before I fall asleep.

  10. Dance Party for 1- Only good on nights when I have the energy but even on some nights when I don’t think I do, there is nothing better then listening to some great dance music and dancing around out house alone to blow off some of the stress of the day.

10 Things we are Thankful For


While this can be a busy season with all of the Holiday events to attend and joy to be had, we at Vitalize wanted to take a few minutes to share with you all the many things we are thankful for!


    We are so thankful for our health and the ability to be a part of your health and healing.


    What amazing patients, family and friends we all have. The strong group of women who work here at Vitalize often go out of the way to check in and support each other. It’s part of the amazing way that we can support our patients.

  3. LOVE

    we love how dedicated our patients are to getting better

    we love to collaborate and join our knowledge to better serve you

    we love being able to come to work in such an amazing space

    we love our friends and family

    we love working with you all


    What a year! We moved upstairs, doubled our rooms, brought on two new acupuncturist, a few new people at the front desk, grew our knowledge base with continuing education, expanded our reach with many referrals and new patients. Thank YOU for helping us grow!


    What is your purpose? Do you LOVE what you do? Does it feed your heart? Being able to say that we love our job is amazing, especially since we spend so much of time and energy doing it. If you aren’t doing something that makes you happy, are you ready to make a change and find something that does?


    While change is not always easy … it is one of the only things constant in our lives and something we all need a reminder to embrace every once in a while….maybe even a little, every day.


    Dedication is fully committing to something or someone, your health, your career, your partner, your workout routine, from small to lifelong dedication is everywhere. We have dedicated ourselves to assisting you in your healing process while making Vitalize a great place for all of us, and all of you.

  8. JOY

    Joy is found everywhere; the birth of a child, relief from pain, a smile from a stranger, a warm welcome. Keep finding the joy in your life. Even your worst of days bring us joy as we seek to serve and assist you through them.


    What more is there to say?! Nature is amazing! If you don’t make time to experience it on a regular basis, it could be a resolution! Take time to get out into nature and really see what’s there!


    At Vitalize, we are here for you and ready to meet you on your path to health, wherever that might be.

Essential Oils

You might have noticed a few new things on the front desk!

By popular demand, we have gotten some of those amazing smells for you to purchase.

Here is a brief explanation of what each one is good for.

Tonify is the acupuncture word for nourish.


Tonify Water

  • fatigued

  • running physically cold

  • low libido

  • has fear

Tonify Metal

  • a common cold

  • allergies

  • constipation (lower GI tract related)

  • experiencing grief

Tonify Earth

  • upset digestion (upper GI tract)

  • poor appetite

  • worry

  • stress

Tonify Wood

  • poor circulation

  • liver detox

  • irritability or anger

  • frustration

If you have any questions about which one is most beneficial for you, please ask your acupuncturist, they will be more then happy to find the right smell for your health.

We also have the wonderful lavender you get in your treatment rooms at the front desk too! It’s just hiding with a special Vitalize label on it. What you might not know about this lavender is that it is a French lavender which gives it such a sweet smell and is why we like it so much.

Last but not least, we still have the amazing Sombra, if you haven’t had the chance to try it ask your provider, they can easily add it to your session.


Photo by Mo Wieser

Photo by Mo Wieser

What is Reiki you might be asking yourself? Reiki is a technique used by the Japanese to reduce stress, increase relaxation and promote healing. It is a treatment that everyone can use and has been known for helping the individual where it is most needed even if they are not sure where that is. Often it is said that after a treatment one feels relaxed, peaceful and at ease with the stress of their lives.

Vitalize Acupuncture is partnering with Apothic Energy for Lunch Time Reiki! This community event is being offered Monday, November 19th at noon. Relax and restore while immersed in healing vibrations.

The session will be lead by Sarah Marie Livings of Apothic Energy and Marisa Farr LMT. Marisa is a 2nd degree Holy Fire II Reiki practioner and massage therapist at Vitalize. Sarah Marie is a Master Level Usui/Tibetan/Holy Fire II Reiki practitioner and Shamanic Healer.

Amongst the many benefits of Reiki, it is proven to aid in alleviation of pain, anxiety, depression, stress and tension. Clear thinking and a general sense of wellbeing are common reported results. Reiki is a wonderful way to support your overall health. Feel good in your body, heart and mind.

The soothing session will officially start at 12:15 and last about 30 minutes. We will provide pillows, yoga mats or chairs to get comfortable while receiving the treatment. Sarah Marie and Marisa will move throughout the room working a short time on each individual allowing for the healing to occure where it is needed. There will be a brief time after for questions and transitioning back to reality.

There is limited space so please RSVP here!

Time: noon – 1pm
Location: 511 SW 10th Avenue Suite 605 Portland, OR 97205
Cost: $10

We look forward to seeing you. Meet us at Suite 605 on Monday.

If you have any questions please email Marisa at marisa@vitalizeacupuncture.com