Events + Outreach 

Part of the Vitalize mission is to create a healing space that benefits both the individual and the surrounding community. Though this begins in our office with fantastic individualized care we prioritize being part of this wonderful city through volunteer work, outreach and hosting events in our beautuful downtown space.

Once a month we make time for a community event led by a friend of Vitalize or a a member of our staff. Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming events, if you're  curious about what we might have in store don’t hesitate to give us a call or RSVP on Facebook. If you are interested in joining our community, cohosting an event or working together in the community please reach out, we would love to hear from you. 

 Community Outreach: 


For every acupuncture treatment provided in the month of February, Vitalize practitioners vowed to donate 10 minutes of time to Rose Haven Women’s Shelter. Together, we made a difference in the lives of our greater community. Thanks to you, with 271 acupuncture treatments complete, we exceeded our goal by 50%.

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Each year our staff makes time for connection, communication and development we believe that this time together helps us build a stronger practice and develop new strategies to better treat our patients.

In October 2017 we spent four days on the Oregon coast, learning growing and strategizing. This opportunity to connect as providers helps us grow the scope of our practice, learning from each other in the process. Our connection as a community is what makes Vitalize so special, we encourage you to take advantage of these provider relationships by scheduling with a new practitioner or trying a new modality.

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