Dr danielle engles, nd

I have always been passionate about health and fitness and enjoyed playing many sports growing up. This lead me to coaching. Once I learn something, I cant help but want to share and teach it!  For me, being a naturopathic doctor is like being a teacher and a coach. I take great joy in helping patients achieve their goals, cheering them on as they progress. I work with people of all ages, whether a man wanting to manage his blood sugar, a woman with hypothyroidism or a child with asthma. My approach is to learn as much as I can about the patient and customize care to fit his or her needs. This includes listening to their story, running labs and conducting a physical examination. Considering the whole picture, I tailor the protocol to the individual. The connection I develop with my patients in the process is what makes naturopathy, and my job, so special!

Using food as medicine is where I start with patients. Everyone can make simple changes in diet, having a profound affect on health. I also see great results in homeopathic drainage, a Belgian-based form of homeopathy. These are naturally-derived remedies that lead to physical and emotional shifting of health. Additionally,  I use enzyme therapy and nutritional supplementation, depending on presentation or levels we see in the labs. Working with women on hormone balancing has been a particular joy and recently, I have been treating more GI health and allergies.  Overall, since the systems in our bodies are so intertwined, we cannot just specialize and treat one area; however, I have found that since hormones and digestion play a key role in everything, so this is where I begin with my patients.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and French from Skidmore College in Upstate New York. I believe there is a strong connection to my love of literature to my appreciation for people's stories! I approach the human body and medicine as a language and that has worked well in connecting my arts background with science. After attending Portland State University and completing the pre-medical coursework, I entered the doctorate program at National University of Natural Medicine, graduating in 2005. My Doctorate Thesis is entitled: Xenobiotics and Hormone Dysregulation: Detoxification to Support Fertility. NUNM library, 200