Dr danielle engles, nd


As a naturopath, it is most important to me to explore the root cause of a health problem. This means that I address not just the immediate issue, but overall health. For example, if I have a patient with eczema or rash, I will assess the GI system, allergies, environmental exposures and stress because resolving the whole will bring her more long-term success. My patients and I establish a partnership because they need to be just as committed to their healing as I am. It may take time, some trial and error and some exploring of barriers, but the commitment pays off.




Food as medicine: Food prescriptions are part of every treatment plan. Simple adjustments are not always easy but they have profound effect on healing and provide prevention.

Herbal Medicine:  I use plant medicine in almost evert treatment protocol

Homeopathic Drainage: Homeopathy is comprised of plant and mineral compounds delivered in vaccine-like doses that produce physical and emotional shifting of health. It’s like peeling back an onion. We look at health history and clear physical blockages and emotional traumas that may still be lingering.

Hyperbaric Oxygen: I use a mild hyperbaric chamber, pressurized with air. The pressurized environment helps oxygen absorb more readily into the body through plasma, which can access traumatized tissue more easily than red blood cells. Completely safe, it is an overall anti-inflammatory and stem-cell generator. Effective for wound healing, lowering blood pressure, sports recovery and stroke. Excellent booster for energy and vitality as well.


Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women’s preventive care and annual exams

Weight loss and Detox:  This involves following an anti-inflammatory diet in addition to smoothies and supplementation to help the liver eliminate stored toxins. This is a great way to lose weight.

GI Health / SIBO

Sleep Disturbance / Fatigue


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in French from Skidmore College. I believe there is a strong connection with my love of literature to my appreciation for people's stories! I enjoyed an early career in advertising and marketing while playing competitive sports and coaching soccer. I decided to pursue studying medicine because I loved nutrition and wanted to improve my own athletic performance. I attended Portland State University for pre-medical coursework and then went on to complete the four-year naturopathic doctorate program at National College of Natural Medicine. I graduated from NCNM (now NUNM) in 2005. My Doctorate Thesis is entitled: Xenobiotics and Hormone Dysregulation: Detoxification to Support Fertility. NUNM library, 2005