Madelynn Vislocky, DC

Every individual has a personal story, written while living their everyday lives. With each chapter of this story, the body and mind form, progress, peak, degrade and decline. Even the healthiest human specimen will experience skeletal and muscular breakdown in function and form, causing pain and discomfort.

Using chiropractic care I assist the body in returning to its most pure, whole form with manual therapy, chiropractic manipulation, rehabilitation, taping, and pregnancy support. I utilize and combine all these tools to create an individualized, whole body approach that is specific to each patient. 

Raised in the pacific-northwest, I have experienced all the pleasures that outdoor activities and routine forms of movement can bring to an individual, both mentally and physically. By assisting patients in their healing process, I value education as well as the body’s own powerful ability to restore itself and bring itself back to a balanced state. I believe that it is important, as a chiropractor, not only to aid in decreasing pain but also in giving the knowledge of prevention, so that my patients stay well. 

I attended the University of Oregon receiving my bachelors in journalism and then continued on to the University of Western States to receive a doctorate of chiropractic. My endless drive to learn more has landed me in the process of receiving my AVCA animal chiropractic certification at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. Once finished, I will have reached the highest education in equine and canine adjustments and manual therapy allowing me to offer my services for barn calls only. 

In my free time I enjoy running, eventing with my horse Cody, surfing and exploring the forest and deserts of our beautiful region with my partner Ben and our big mutt Mowgli.