Amber has been practicing acupuncture in Portland for 9 years.  She graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, where she has continued on as a valued member of the faculty. She teaches the first year acupuncture course, supervises clinic shifts and is passing on her strong knowledge of herbal medicine. Women’s health and fertility, mental health, headaches, allergies and chronic pain, particularly of the neck and jaw, are some of the conditions that Amber excels in treating.   

I came to Chinese Medicine at a fairly young age, seeking a system that integrated physical and mental/emotional wellness.  Having a therapist for a father and a social worker for a mother, health has always been about both body and mind. My acupuncturist in Boston was the first person to work with me on both seamlessly, helping with headaches, a back injury and reducing anxiety.  

As an acupuncturist, I empower people in their healing process and seek insights into the root of their challenges.  This is accomplished via comprehensive evaluation that focuses on understanding the origin of an issue and the other factors that are interwoven with it.  The best treatment does not just involve the timely resolution of an issue, but also an understanding of how to prevent its recurrence. Acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine are my tools because they are both subtle and powerful.  I strongly value good communication around all aspects of treatment so that your experience is comfortable, transformative and gets results.  My previous practice was in an integrative setting so I am happy to collaborate with other providers for the best care possible.

My treatments often involve adjunct therapies in addition to acupuncture, including bodywork, cupping, gua sha, moxa or herbs.  My training in shiatsu, tuina and Thai massage as well as advanced orthopedic needling informs my approach and enhances my ability to resolve even the most stubborn aches and injuries.

Historically, much of my practice has focused on fertility, supporting individuals in their journey toward the creation of a family.  I worked in fertility clinics before becoming an acupuncturist and I am a certified fellow with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM), an organization devoted to teaching, research and the practice of Chinese Medicine for reproductive disorders.  I was previously a co-owner of Mama Group Acupuncture, where I honed my experience with pregnancy and postpartum support as well. I have experience working with same-sex couples and transgender people and strive to be LGBTQIA-inclusive.

I live in Northwest Portland with my 6 year old son, Revel.  I also sing with the Portland Threshold Choir. You will often find me off in the woods or up on a mountain, as that is where I am most at home.