jacque perry, lmt


As a Massage Therapist my goal is to help my clients gain a healthy, pain free lifestyle through regular body work, and education on self care. I strive to facilitate healing and comfort for every client and person I touch. I feel that Massage is a positive way to stimulate the body and mind to heal from a traumatic experience or just the stresses of everyday life.

When I am massaging someone I look at the body as a whole. I see the lines of connective tissue and how they can impact our bodies causing pain and tension. Each body is like a puzzle and no two are the same. I most enjoy helping people recover from trauma, like motor accidents, and  working out chronic pain issues. My favorite areas to work on are the neck and hips, which can refer pain all over the body.

Oncology Massage:

I have been doing Oncology Massage at OHSU since 2014.  There I focus on cancer patients during treatments and end of life. I enjoy doing this light therapeutic massage and giving patients a moment of comfort during a very stressful time. Comfort touch can be a helpful way to relieve some side effects from chemotherapy and other treatments.

Jacque graduated from East West College of Healing Arts in 2012. With a focus on Deep Tissue, Structural Bodywork, Myofacial Release.  License #19303.