Trying to Quit a Habit?

Whether its smoking, over-eating, one too many glasses of wine at the end of your day, or just plain sweet tooth behavior, acupuncture is one of your greatest tools.  We use 5 needles in each ear to assist patients with addictive behaviors.  Often patients who have been smoking cigarettes for years and are finally ready to quit will feel immediate support with their attempts to cut back or even cut off all together.

Five acupuncture needles gently placed at both ears offers support and often leads to fewer cravings, making cutting back or quitting so much easier.  Along with acupuncture your provider might also recommend a Chinese herbal formula to assist your lungs, liver, spleen, or any other organs that might be experiencing imbalance due to the continued over use of toxins.

In addition, we often recommend the following tips for quitting a bad habit.  Did you know that you are 60% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down?  Writing down your goal to quit and journalling about your experience can be very supportive.  Another great tip that we learned on this podcast from hidden brain, which you should check out, has quitters place a set dollar amount, perhaps the same amount that your habit costs you, into a bank account for a set period of time (3, 6, 9 months or even a year).  If you slip up and break your goal then you have to donate all of the saved $$ to an organization that stands for something you dislike very much.  When you achieve your goal you use that $$ for something fun, a trip or a treat.  When there is so much at stake, it allows for pause, contemplation and perhaps resistance.

Whether its your New Year's Resolution or just time to let that old habit go.... We got you covered.