Vitalize Community Events

In an effort to create a sense of community in what is often a very singular society, we have created a space, opened that space to creatives and thinkers alike, so that they can share their talents and gifts.  With a pole of our general patient base, we determined that weekends are most requested, we have set a calendar of monthly events open for any and all interested.  Our events center around health and healing, with a focus on the mind body connection.  We have purposefully chosen our events to hold space for a diverse area of topics.  These events are free and we hope that members of our community will bring their friends and loved ones to join in.

As acupuncturists, Chinese medical professionals and massage therapists, we have each found our own personal ways of connecting, plugging in and recharging our battery.  This is such an important part of our busy lifestyles.  What we have found is that, without this pause in our lives, things start to fall apart, unravel, take over, and get lost in the daily grind.  Our purpose is to share with you, what we have found, learned, uncovered, grappled with, and, in some cases given up on.  Come join us, pause your life for a weekend afternoon, and take part in a Vitalize community event.