Women's Health and Chiropractic Care

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The uterus is, in the most simple of terms, a muscle. A very special muscle with the ability to stretch, contract, house and grow a human.  It's not a new idea to consider collaborative and natural care options, but it might be new to consider the health of all of the neighboring structures and the influence they can have on our pelvic health.  Seeing a chiropractor in order to address the health of our bones, nervous system and supportive muscles in the pelvis might be the last thing you think of as you reach for that bottle of cramp bark or Midol.  But it shouldn't be.

Here is a breakdown of anatomy.  At the lowest part of the low-back is a bone called the sacrum, its a triangle shaped bone that ends just at the top of the gluts and the very end of the sacrum is known as the tailbone (just to give you reference).  The sacrum has four small holes on either side of its mid-line, straight down from the spine.  Through those holes runs the nerves that allow us to feel our pelvis area, both front and back sides of it, including the uterine nerve which innervates the uterus.  If we are not aligned, our muscles can begin to tighten, further decreasing circulation.  As tension continues, our nerves can become hyper-sensitive, reactive, even inflamed.  This can cause pain, loss of muscle mass, decrease in strength and even, in extreme cases, numbness or tingling. For some of us, desk jobs are a part of life, sitting at home and in the car is the norm.  This means that we are moving our bodies less, causing tight muscles and a decrease in blood flow.

Keep your blood flowing.  Get aligned, move with light exercise, relax with regular massage and acupuncture.  Consider hot epsom salt bathes, float tank time, or a visit to your favorite sauna.  Heat increases the flow of blood.  Provide the circulation that your body needs, especially if you are suffering from pain or other disfunction.  This will all further assist your circulation into the most versatile muscle in the female body.