Massage for Motor Vehicle Accidents

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In Oregon, if you are in a car accident you have one year and/ or $10,000 to insure that your body and over all health are restored to pre-accident conditions.  Patients often start with Acupuncture or Chiropractic services for full assessment.  If needed imaging is requested.  

Providers assess the patients need for soft tissue release.  If needed, weekly treatments begin for cupping, gua sha, therapeutic, deep-tissue, trigger-point, pin-and-stretch, and / or cranio-sacral massage, as needed.

This combination of deep muscle release through acupuncture, bone and structure balance through chiropractic, and soft tissue release through massage all assist the body in returning to homeostasis.

Supplements and herbs are also very helpful as well as topical herbal formulas, heat and cold therapy, foam rolling, stretching and dietary recommendations.  All areas are considered and patents are advised of there options throughout their treatment plan.  Practitioners prioritize patient needs, concerns, barriers and support the process.