Small Exercises You Can Do While Sitting At Work

Many of us have to work a 9-5 job where finding time to exercise is nearly impossible. With the weather changing to wet and rainy, the sun only making a few appearances and the days getting shorter and shorter, our mental and physical self take a hit. However, these changes are usually when our body and mind usually need exercise the most.

Below you will find three exercises to perform while at sitting at a desk or at work during the 9-5. 

Brueggers Relief Position:

This is an exercise that is easy to do but will make a huge difference. For those of you that find themselves sitting at a desk typing on a computer for most of the day, you may start to experience low back stiffness, haunched over shoulders and neck pain. Any of those sound familiar to you? If so, then this posture is for you. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself once every hour to uncross your legs or feet and place both feet on the ground hip distance apart. Have your feet directly above your knees creating a 90 degree angle and your knees straight in front of your hips. Next, scoot your hips to the back of the chair and sit up so your shoulders are in a straight line above your hips. Once you are in that position, roll your shoulders back and hold there while placing your palms of your hands facing up in a relaxed position on your legs. Now, imagine that someone is pulling your chest up toward the ceiling. This is important, make sure to realize that this does not mean forward creating an arch in your low back. Keep your chin parallel to the floor but pull it back slightly on the verge of creating a double chin. Once you have reached that position, sit and take 10 deep breaths. 




Chin Retractions:

This exercise is for those who experience chronic neck stiffness and pain from looking down at a screen all day. Many people have what we call anterior head carriage, where they carry their head in front of their body creating a large hump and angle in your neck. A way to try and counteract that is a small exercise called a chin retraction. What you do is to sit with your feet flat on the ground with a straight back. Keep your chin parallel to the ground the whole time while performing this exercise. You are going to pull your head back in order to create a double chin. Hold this for three seconds and release. You can also perform this exercise laying down on your back. Place the back of your head evenly on the ground with your eyes looking directly to the ceiling and chin perpendicular to the floor. Make sure to keep your chin at that angle while you press the back of your head into the floor holding for three seconds. Repeat this exercise five times every hour. 


Yes for double chins


No for anterior head carriage


Rising/Lowing Squats:

For those of you that sit at a desk it is important to stand up and move at least once every hour. A great exercise that helps with this is rising and lowering squats. Do this as often as needed but atleast twice a day in the office. It will decrease your low back stiffness and pain by strengthening your core and stabilizing muscles. Begin by placing two feet on the floor. Gently scoot your bottom to the front of the chair and find your neutral pelvis. This is done by rocking your pelvis forward and backward in order to find the natural middle area. Once you have found that, flex your core, keeping your back straight, tilt forward rocking your body weight to your feet. Keep your stomach engaged as you gently lift up into a standing position. Now that you are standing, reverse that step by step to lower back into the chair correctly. Do this exercise 5 times in a row in order to feel your stomach and thighs heat up as you work the muscles.