Year of the FIRE ROOSTER

I remember the first time I learned about the Chinese zodiac and the 12 animals that represent a 12 year cycle.  I had gone to a small Chinese restaurant, sat down with my parents and noticed a bit of information about each of the 12 animals on my paper placemat.  This stuck in my head and returned to me when I began learning more about them once I entered acupuncture school.

For the record, we didn't really learn much about these 12 animals as we studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  However, we did learn a lot about '5 element theory', which is the basis for much of the knowledge and prediction made through the Chinese zodiac.  

A full chart reading would include the four pillars; 4 animals and their 4 element pairs for any one person based on the year, month, day, and hour you were born.  

Mine is year: water dog, month: water tiger, day ; water monkey, hour : water ox.

Similarly, for each year, predictions are made based on the animal and element for that year.  This is a shortened version.  Knowing your month, day, and hour is like knowing your 'rising'. 'setting', and other specifics of your astrological sign.  They say the two most influential are your year and your hour.

Last year was a Fire Monkey year.  This is the Fire Rooster year.  If this already has your head spinning, think of it the way I do....  Imagine yourself at a farm or the zoo, pull memories from your observations, remember how the particular animal acts in life, then, use that information as you assess the year.

For example; Dog's are social, loyal, caring, they can growl and bite, they can be nurturing as well as loud, playful, relaxed and sleeping often, they will eat anything and they prefer clean paws, especially after returning home.  I relate closely to all of these characteristics... maybe other 34 just turned 35-year-olds do too.  I even wash my feet and hands more than anyone else I know, and no leftovers are too old unless they fail the sniff test...

Now for the ROOSTER!  They are beautiful masculine animals seen as female symbolically.  Fanning out their tail to show their beauty as well as their territorial nature.  There is a bit of a 'show-boat' type 'look at me' aspect to the rooster, enjoying the center of attention.  Very social creatures, chickens, and roosters flock together for protection.  Additionally, there can be a picking at the details, pecking at the soil, behavior with roosters as well as their tendency to develop a pecking order within their flock.

The Rooster year is a year characterized by two types of light, the first is described like a flashlight, shining light in the corners, illuminating the hidden secrets.  The second is a candle, ever changing, flickering.  This signifies the quickly changing mood, weather, emotion and action present.  Gossip and social behavior will be more alluring though folks will quickly move on.  We will join together with other like-minded individuals this year, though we are cautioned, especially as hierarchy like activities and worrying too much about the details could weaken groups.  It's a good year to get things done, accomplish work in the home while creating a safe haven for friends and family.

What are your four pillars....? To find out and learn more follow this link