Spring and the liver

In Chinese Medicine, Spring is associated with the element of Wood. The liver and gallbladder are the wood organs and benefit from detoxification especially during this time of year.  The emotion of the liver is irritability, anger and frustration.  The emotion of the gallbladder is decisiviness, or, when out of balance, indecision.  There are many ways you can support a healthy cleanse of your liver. Acupuncture and supplements are a big way that Vitalize can help you have a healthful Spring. On your own, in your daily health regimen include more dark leafy greens.  Nettles, dandelion greens and burdock root are three really great options that are at their peak during the Spring season.  

When the wood element is in balance it is green, flexible, fresh and full of new opportunity, when the wood element is out of balance there can be a brittle, quick to snap, easily angered quality. Though the days are getting longer and our energy level is naturally starting to increase, attempt to get in bed by 10 and asleep by 11 in order to balance wood, support liver function, and morning energy levels this season.