Chiropractor Downtown Portland

The newest addition to our vitalize team.  We are so excited to introduce Madelynn Vislocky DC.  Madelynn is taking new patient appointments here. Read all about her education and experience, her Bio is ready to read!

We often send you all to our favorite Chiropractors around the Portland area.  We prefer those who take a whole body approach, quickly search for the root cause of pain or illness, have a gentle approach and refer out as needed.  Madelynn has that style, our style.  We searched for the best fit for you, someone who will treat you with the care and love you are used to from all of us at Vitalize.  

We are excited to be actively working with all major insurnace companies to add her to their provider panel. Until then we are billing as 'out of network' for insurance or time of service price of $100 for new patient visits and $60 for follow up visits.  We are also able to bill for motor vehicle insurance after auto or bike related accidents.