Happy to meet you, happy to be here!


As a recent addition to the Vitalize team, I wanted to take a moment to say a warm hello and introduce myself to the community that I am so happy to be a part of. 

I come to Vitalize from my own practice, Eng Acupuncture Center, in Silverton, OR, where I have practiced since 2014. While I continue to own and practice at that location for part of the week, it feels so great to expand my practice to the city I call home. I’ve been a  resident of Portland for over 8 years, and I love living in this beautiful and dynamic city. Outside of work, my passion is movement and family, and because of that you can most often find me in a yoga or dance studio, drinking coffee, or gardening or building a fire with my partner and two children in SE Portland. You can read more about me and my path to becoming a practitioner of Chinese medicine in my bio.  

As a practitioner, I have always enjoyed treating a wide range of conditions. In the past several years I have placed a special emphasis and found some of the greatest successes in treating conditions related to mental-emotional health, dermatological treatments including facial rejuvenation and scar therapy, digestive disorders, and pain conditions related to injury, trauma, and over-use. I feel passionate about incorporating herbal and nutritional therapy in my treatment plans where appropriate and encourage my patients to consider adding these regimens to experience their significant ability to enhance their quality of life and well-being. 

As part of my offerings at Vitalize, I welcome and encourage appointments for bodywork in conjunction with acupuncture treatments, especially for those who have a primary focus on mental-emotional health or relief of pain. As a practitioner I have found this one-on-one time with my patients to be incredibly healing, transformational, and also educational for our overall treatment goals. By receiving treatments where we focus completely on bodywork, I am able to learn more about the holding patterns and structural alignment of your body, and can use this information to further inform acupuncture and other treatments as part of on overall treatment plan.  

In whatever ways our paths cross, I so look forward to meeting you, and sharing in the gratitude I know we all feel for this wonderful and healing space.