10 Minute Fitness: Stronger Than You Think


Growing up I never saw myself as strong or athletic.  I did sports here and there, preferring things like snowboarding.  I never learned to do cartwheels or handstands. I didn’t even really ride a bike until I got a job at a bike shop.

 Sometime in the past year or so, I realized that this was all in my head. I could in fact be a badass if I wanted to. Yoga had always given me glimpses of it, as well as letting me know what I really needed to work on.  But now it felt attainable.

I started with the simple routine of 10 minute workouts. I’m busy. Most of us are. But I can find 10 minutes. In in the conference room at OCOM, while my students are charting, or in the office at Vitalize, while my patient is resting, or in the few minutes of quiet time before I go to bed.  Gradually, working in these 10 minute workouts became habit and the movements I went through, became more routine.

I still have a ways to go, but wanted to share a couple of samples of 10 minute workouts. I have been focusing on my shoulders (because I want handstands in my future) and my booty (because I want to hold strong in Warrior III and Half Moon pose in my yoga classes).

And yeah! it feels good to be a little less scrappy when I look in the mirror, but I encourage you to set goals that focus more on your strength and ability. Our Vitalize community is full of active and athletic people , and we love helping to keep you feeling good so you can stay active.

So, let’s keep kicking ass! and by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, we won’t need resolutions….We will already be ON IT! 

The Ultimate Arm and Shoulder Workout

10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout

And afterward….when the soreness sets in, Sarah’s favorite foam rolling routine

Full Body Rolling Out Routine