How Reiki and the Chakras Can Help Us Find Our Way

The chakras contain our belief systems and our core programs of operation. We are born and raised into our programming. The chakras run automatically in accordance with the belief systems that are stored in them. They do not change their mode of operation unless they are directed to do so. Making sure these energy centers in our body are in agreement with what we actually believe to be true is vital to living a happy and fulfilled life.

If our base operating system contains things that are not in alignment with what is true for us, many of our actions towards goals and achievements will be undermined. Confusion and apathy in regards to purpose and direction is often a sign that something is amiss in one or more of our chakras.

  • The first chakra contains all our survival information.

  • The second chakra is the center for sexuality, emotions, pleasure, connecting with others, creativity, intuition.  

  • The third chakra represents our action, will, vitality, power of transformation, self worth, self confidence.

  • The heart chakra is the center of love and inner peace as experienced within as a state of being.

  • The throat chakra represents communication, sound, creativity through expression.

  • The third eye chakra represents our ability to see and focus on the big picture, decision making, psychic ability, higher intuition.

  • The crown chakra is related to spiritual connection and enlightenment.

The descriptions above are a general overview of what the chakras contain. The chakra centers actually carry very nuanced energy that are layered and integrated with each other. For some people it could take years of processing to get to the core of each mismatched belief system in a way that allowed them to be free of them.

Reiki is a wonderful way to clear out programming that no longer serves you with much greater ease. Energy follows intention. Through the focused intention of a reiki practitioner, reiki can be channeled into the chakra centers. The high frequency of reiki raises the vibrations of the chakras causing them to be a mismatch for any vibrations that are not a fit for health and well being. Like a sieve, Reiki filters out those energies that are not a match for who you really are allowing you to move forward through life in alignment with your true self. No more clouded thinking. No more self doubt. No more second guessing. Only clarity, ease, and contentment.