Allergy Prevention and Management with Acupuncture and Herbs


Seasonal Allergies

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies in the winter time in the Pacific Northwest due to heavier rain fall and increased mold production. Even more people suffer from seasonal allergies in the spring when nature is beginning to bloom.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine can help nip your current flare up of winter time allergies in the bud and strengthen your body’s immune system to reduce and prevent symptoms from occurring in the spring. Many patients find that their sinuses open within minutes of an acupuncture session!

Immediate Relief

We can stop your runny nose, get rid of the puffiness around your eyes, make the heaviness in your head and body go away, and get that tickle in your throat with a few acupuncture points and some herbs. Acupuncture typically has an immediate effect. Custom herbal medicine, written by an acupuncturist can extend your treatment and very quickly reduce your acute symptoms and lasting relief while building your immune system. Both acupuncture and herbs stop inflammation in the body and boost your energy levels so you can live your life without discomfort.


Chinese medicine has a longstanding history of preventatively treating allergies. If you experience allergies during a particular season, start a course of acupuncture 3 months before that season. You will be amazed at the results. In many cases you can make it through your problem season without any allergy symptoms! If spring is your worst season, NOW is the time to start treatment with acupuncture and herbs.

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