Foot Reflexology: A Whole Body Experience

There are thousands of nerve endings in each foot. These reflexes correspond with the organs and the systems of your body. Applying pressure to specific areas of the foot can allow for relief of pain, ease in digestion, relaxation, and much more.


  • The reflexes for the solar plexus are located at the middle of the sole of the foot. Applying specific pressure at this point can stimulate the energy pathways to the organs of digestion.

  • The reflexes for the head and neck are located in the big toes of each foot. Applying specific pressure to these points can increase circulation to this part of the body.

  • The reflexes for the uterus and vagina are located on the sides of the ankle. Applying specific pressure at these points can improve circulation to the reproductive organs and help with regulation and balance.

Working the entire foot brings a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation throughout the whole body.

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