More Reasons to get Massage

Massage has so many benefits when received regularly including stress reduction, stimulation of the nerve endings in the skin, blood circulation, and slowing of heart rate leaving the patient with a feeling of relaxation and well being.

One of the first things you learn in massage school is a basic gliding stroke. Big circules down the spine and up the sides of the back connecting at the base of the neck. Most of us still use this no matter how many other skill we have developed. It warms up the tissue easily, feels amazing and starts moving fluid. Moving of fluid is one of the basic things that massage does for the body.

Keeping fluid moving in the body is a main function of our health. Possibly after a massage you have felt the need to take a nap and wake up a bit sore. Some of that is because much of the fluids in the body have been circulated and lactic acid from the muscle fibers have been released.

Gua Sha or scrapping is also a method we often use in the clinic the moves fluids in the body. The acupuncturist would say it addresses stagnant energy or chi. In massage we tend to use this when there is a need to move inflammation, surface tension on the body or when we cant’t get to it with our hands. Moving this fluid helps move the issue out of the area.

The main function of our heart is to circulate blood throughout the body. Most of the other systems in the body rely on this circulation. Massage helps to keep stress down and helps blood pressure decrease.

Massage is a great way to keeping yourself balanced, stress free and relaxed .