Neck and Back Pain


It’s so easy to quickly suffer from pain after a short period of time, sitting in a poor posture.  Something to think about… how can a small adjustment to keep your back and neck pain-free?

In the winter months we have a tendency to find more sedentary activities to pass the time; reading, Netflix, etc.  We are also likely spending at least a bit more time in bed. This decreased level of activity decreases overall circulation to muscles, making them more susceptible to tension, possible even more susceptible to injury.

Since the onset of winter I have noticed more patients are coming into the clinic complaining of back or neck pain that came on after falling asleep on the couch, while watching T.V.  Couches and chairs are designed and have been built for your gluts on the seat with two feet on the ground, back straight along the back of the chair. I can attest to seeking out comfort.  Often we think that if our feet are up above or at the same level as our heads that fees good… neck might get kinked as a result but hard to notice in the moment, then the back can get bent in all directions, its really no wonder why we are all feeling it as soon as we stand up.  

A few small alterations to your body position while on the couch or chair can make a huge difference.

1.    Keep your feet on the ground

2.    Try and sit up straight and if that is too uncomfortable than try and use the back of the chair or couch for support.

3.    At every commercial, make a deal with yourself to check in and reset your body posture if need be

4.    Limit your time sitting watching TV, decide ahead of time how long you will sit, then follow up with some movement, or better yet, get down on a matt and do some stretching while you watch your favorite flick.