Pregnancy - a walk through the trimesters


After a ten year reprieve, I recently received the profound gift of becoming a mother for the third time. During my pregnancy, while I was thrilled with the thought of my new arrival, I definitely suffered from the inevitable pregnancy struggles of nausea, body pain, and fatigue, to say the least. During this time, I leaned heavily on acupuncture to get me through the days, weeks, and months that all seemed at least twice as long as they actually were. Although maternal health and fertility aren’t key focuses of my practice, every time I get the chance to receive acupuncture, I fall in love with Chinese medicine all over again. So, during this month for mothers, I’d like to share the ways that acupuncture helped me during my pregnancy, one trimester at a time.

First trimester:

This one is easy - nausea! And fatigue. Whereas before often I received acupuncture for pain conditions or stress, once I was pregnant, there became an immediate switch to focusing on doing whatever I could to relieve the all-day nausea. I also started to experience profound fatigue, and besides being a welcome time and space to rest, my acupuncture treatments helped me to feel a better balance in energy throughout the day. In addition to that, with simple wisdom, my practitioners would remind me that to a degree, it is natural to have a decline of energy during pregnancy. This simple reminder helped to remind me to find a little more ease in my days and a better understanding of finding balance in health during pregnancy. With the combination of these little pearls of wisdom, the power of the medicine itself, and the welcome respites of an hour-ish of rest, I was able to get through the first trimester with less discomfort and a greater sense of well-being.

Stay tuned for trimester two!