Our Skin Beyond Our Skin

Our Skin Beyond Our Skin

Our edges do not stop at the surface of our skin. There are many layers and sub layers of energy that extend out from the density of our physical body. These layers are less dense, overlay each other, and actually permeate what we would consider the physical body creating an integrated system that works all together to make up the template of a human being.   

The energy layer or subtle body that is closest to the surface of our skin is sometimes called the “etheric body” or the “health body”. The circuitry of the etheric body (nadis, chakras, aura) animates and sustains the functions of the physical. In Sanskrit the word chakra means “whirling ball”. Chakras are whirling balls of energy that deliver energy to the body that they support and can be found in all the major and minor joints as well as other locations.

Beyond the etheric body is the astral body. In the astral body, the chakras deliver emotional energy so that you can create context and meaning out of your experiences. The emotional energy held in the chakras is very specific to the individual. Two people can witness the same event and have very different emotional responses. Our emotions are what help us understand and make sense out of our experiences. The chakras draw in raw, neutral energy and program it according to the programming of the chakra.

The chakra also draws in more energy that is a match for what is already being held in it. For example, if you are feeling sad, your chakras will draw in more energy that supports this experience. We filter the world through the energies in our chakras and see those things that match those energies.

This is why it is important to be intentional about what kind of lens or programming you want the energy of the life around you to be filtered through. The program settings of the chakras determines how you perceive what is happening around you and acts as a beacon for and the drawing in of energies that are similar and/or are a match for more of the same.

The next subtle body or layer that extends out from the physical body is the mental and causal plane. Your mental body connects very deeply with your physical body. For example, if you sprain your ankle your concrete intellect knows that you should not be walking on it. There are also sub-planes in the mental body that are tied to the cells and the structures of your physical body. There is a coherent agreement that says that the heart pumps blood and the lungs breath; the skin cells do something very different than the cells that are located in the lining of the intestines. These sub-planes of the mental body hold the energy and systems in place that your body uses to perform.

Within the mental body is what is called “the higher mind”. This is the part of your mind that operates at the genius level. Most of us spend our time in the concrete intellect and only sometimes in the higher mind. The concrete mind and the higher intellect are forming ideas that become real - from writing a shopping list, to building a car, to holding the form of our cells.

The causal plane is considered the formless mind.  This plane carries information about our other lifetimes, our belief systems, and access to our soul. This plane actively informs our present experience from the larger context of our soul’s journey.

Often the reason we are not where want to be in life is because there is something amiss in one or more of these bodies. Sometimes there are physical manifestations (illness and dis-ease) as a result of something mis-aligned in our subtle body. All of the subtle bodies can be accessed through energy medicine and can be realigned to support your health and well being. To learn more about this, click here.