Cosmetic Acupuncture

Many of you have asked us lately about cosmetic acupuncture. At Vitalize, we offer two different styles, Mai Zen, and Facial Rejuvenation. Mai Zen is a style of cosmetic acupuncture that one of the Vitalize founders, Ms. Rachel Gilman L.Ac., was trained in shortly after graduating OCOM. When Rach made the leap, and left Vitalize to serve as an acupuncturist at Intel, some in our Vitalize community quickly asked who would be providing this service in her place.

Well, I jumped to, like I do… and decided to take the Mai Zen training with professor Martha Lucus L.Ac. when she came to OCOM in 2016. The trainings were great and the treatments were a hit and patients who loved it right away.…

Mika Watanabe L.Ac. joined us at Vitalize just over a year ago and is our expert in Facial Rejuvenation. This style is known for its focused approach on specific areas. Both effectively treat fine lines, skin damage, wrinkles, dry or rough areas, as well as sensitive skin conditions.


Both are similar in their results. Both are recommended for fine lines, wrinkles, acne, rosacea, etc. That said, there are some key differences. Mai Zen uses 1 or 3 small needles in acupuncture points in the face as well as the body. This is a full body treatment and meant to be done when we are feeling overall balanced, though I have seen it have a huge positive impact on individuals who are also struggling with health issues. Mai zen is a 10 treatment series, two sessions each week for five weeks. For this reason, many other conditions are positively impacted. Mai zen treatments last about an hour. There is a risk of bruising with this treatment.


Facial Rejuvenation is a style of cosmetic acupuncture that uses a wide variety of needles types with varied techniques in order to address the specific areas that you have been bothered by. Whether it’s a sun spot just below your left eye or a thicker line along the right side of your neck, facial rejuvenation provides specific focused attention to those areas you would like addressed. This is also a full body treatment with body points selected specific to your needs. These treatments include facial cupping and gua sha (a style of gentle massage with jade tools) and are recommended as a series of 10 treatments, one each week for 10 weeks. This treatment is 90 min. Again, with any cosmetic services, there is always a slight chance of bruising.

Both include the option of before and after pictures for those interested (highly recommend!!). Patients always tell me that their friends and family notice a difference within the first 4 treatments. All of my patients have been happy with their choice to sign on for the full series of treatments. Also, both styles of cosmetic acupuncture include a mini facial with Dr. Martha Lucus’s Mai Zen cosmetic products (stay tuned: our own Vitalize cosmetic care line will be out soon!! exciting!!!).

Whether you have an event motivating you to look your best, an upcoming birthday putting you in the mood to highlight your beauty, or just an interest in what its all about… ask us more or book your visit for cosmetic acupuncture online.