Herbal Medicine + Classical Pearls


Acupuncturists who graduated from OCOM here in Portland have all been trained in herbalism using classical Chinese herbs and formulas. Most formulas are a mix of 3-15 single herbs mixed together. These can be made custom for the patient with a granule formula (singles herbs in powder form weighted out by the gram and mixed together for your particular use, dosed according to need), mixed together as a custom formula liquid tincture (at Vitalize this means 1-4 liquid formulas would be added together by the ounce, mixed and dosed custom for the patient), or in pill form (for this option we have a few lines, our most popular and extensive being Classical Pearls). The potency and efficacy are very comparable, that said, it really comes down to personal preference… What are you most likely to take multiple times daily?

I explain the use of herbal medicine to my patients as the fast forward button for their treatment plans. Acupuncture alone will assist greatly with most health conditions, that said, if you are eagerly ready to regain health and balance as soon as possible, the additional of an herbal formula is definitely the way to go. I recommend a level of commitment as it does take discipline as well as resources in order to add an herbal formula to your treatment plan and daily routine.

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Classical Pearls are a lovely line of classical Chinese formulas adapted slightly by a local master of Chinese herbalism, Dr. Hiener Fruehauf, PhD, LAc. Though Dr. Fruehauf was German born and trained, he spent additional time in China and now lives here in the Portland area. His herbal line provides the highest quality (I truly believe this) of herbs grown in China and processed here in the states. It is then shipped to us in brown glass bottles (for the freshest and longest shelf life possible) from the main office here in Portland. With these 40 or so products we are able to treat most health conditions very effectively and fairly quickly, depending on the condition.

Many of you have heard me speak about some of my favorite formula’s from this line;

  • Dragon pearls (herbal antibiotics)

  • Vitality pearls (for that exhaustion and adrenal fatigue that we all seem to have)

  • Ocean pearls (acute UTI, vaginal tract infections, etc.)

  • Peace pearls (anxiety and insomnia)

Four things that I always want Vitalize patients to know about herbs and supplements;

  1. Never feel pressured to purchase products.

  2. Always reach out directly if you have questions about your formula, don’t wait for your next visit. You can reach any providers by their first name @vitalizeacupuncture.com

  3. If you are feeling a sense of urgency around your treatment plan, ask your provider for an herbal formula to speed up the process.

  4. When treating your health conditions with pure plant matter, know that it isn’t as potent pill for pill as most pharmaceutical chemical copies, because of that, most herbal formulas are dosed as 9-12 grams daily, 7-9 droppers full of tincture, or 9-12 pills daily.