Sacred Sexuality & Chinese Medicine

Sexual energy is one of our greatest untapped resources. You know the energy you feel coursing through your body when you make eyes with that person you’re hungry for, maybe it’s your partner of 30 years, a second date, or a stranger on the street you’ll never see again. We’ve all felt it, chemistry, arousal, desire, passion, etc.; label it what resonates

Winter Nourishment

In the dead of winter, the days can feel dark short and wet. With February traditionally being the month of love, we at Vitalize have used this month to focus on the heart and all the power it holds. The heart, a magnificent organ is in charge of pumping blood to the rest of the body keeping and supplying every fiber of yourself with life. Thinking of heart health I usually think of exercise and getting outside supporting the function and encouraging the correct flow. However, it is just as important to relax and feed your heart other ways. Below is a list that I have chosen to focus on this upcoming month. 

Allergy Prevention and Management with Acupuncture and Herbs

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine can help nip your current flare up of winter time allergies in the bud and strengthen your body’s immune system to reduce and prevent symptoms from occurring in the spring. Many patients find that their sinuses open within minutes of an acupuncture session!

Self-Care on the Weekdays

While I’m sitting here in the office at 5pm on a Monday, the sun is down and city lights are glowing through the window. It makes me realize that I haven’t taken the time today to give myself any attention.