mika watanabe, lac

I believe that people can change.

In my own life, change has come in many different forms: moving to new cities, starting a family, making my way through school, becoming a professional. Often the changes have felt positive. However, when they involved uncertainty, a decline in health, or a setback of a goal, the changes have also felt difficult and downright scary.

I came to Chinese medicine as the result of unexpected change.  As a teenager, I was in a car accident that kept me in and out of hospitals for a number of years.  While this experience as a patient filled me with gratitude for healthcare providers, it also gave me an awareness of the many shortcomings to Western medical care.  A few years after my accident, I made an appointment with an acupuncturist out of curiosity.  That experience opened my eyes to the potential of Chinese medicine to recognize and address the needs of the whole patient, and how empowering it was to receive care while being seen as an individual and not a collection of parts. 

My personal experiences recovering from injury gave me the desire to help others in their healing process.  My realizations from that first acupuncture treatment gave me the answer of how I was going to do it.

I have a strong desire to work with you as an ally in your journey through whatever changes life may be bringing to you right now.  I am interested in empowering in you as the director of your own health, and do so by careful listening, honest advice, and an offering of healing modalities and herbal supplements that have an amazing ability to support you in manifesting the changes you desire.  I approach the process of healing playfully and realistically, with a strong belief that enjoyment and comfort are medicines in their own right.

I have maintained a clinic and active practice, Eng Acupuncture Center, in Silverton, OR, for the past four years, and am excited to expand my practice to the city I call home. My practice at Vitalize has a special focus on facial rejuvenation, scar therapy, mental-emotional health, and pain conditions related to injury, trauma, and overuse.