Molly first fell in love with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as a patient in her early 20s. Saddled with annoying health issues that affected her quality of life, she had no answers from her doctors; labs looked normal, but she didn’t quite feel right. She turned to acupuncture and herbs, and after months of regular treatment, she noticed radical and deep change in her health. In time, she felt like a new person. She found herself encouraging others to try acupuncture for their ailments. She realized there was no greater gift for her than to share this medicine with others and help people navigate their own health concerns. And so began her education in Chinese Medicine.

She transplanted to Portland from her hometown of Minneapolis, MN in order to attend the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She was drawn to the reputation of OCOM and the rich and diverse medical community that exists in the Pacific Northwest, and stayed because the natural beauty of the west coast never ceases to bring awe to her life. Her special interests as a practitioner include pain relief, sports medicine, women’s health, fertility, digestive support, preventative medicine, and helping people who just aren’t feeling their best and don’t know why. Ultimately, her goal is to empower patients to take great care of themselves and cultivate more awareness around mind-body-spirit connection.

She had the honor of completing an internship in China at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine after graduation. She was struck by the ease of a holistic and integrative approach practiced by the doctors in Chinese hospitals, which renewed and reinforced her feeling of the importance of practicing good medicine overall, not just Chinese medicine, not just western medicine. She brings this inspiration into her practice: a commitment to incorporate an approach of utilizing all diagnostic and treatment modalities available for best patient care. She’s thrilled to be working with a positive and inspiring team at Vitalize to give patients excellent and thorough care in a team-oriented environment.

Molly uses acupuncture, cupping, East-Asian bodywork, Gua Sha, Chinese herbs and lifestyle advice to treat patients, but sincerely feels like the most important work is being present and listening to patients’ concerns, providing a safe and relaxing space, offering gentle and individualized care, and helping patients make goals for better outcomes.

When she’s not working with patients she loves to travel, explore Oregon’s wild coastlines, hike, and hang with her wonderful partner, cat, and dog. If any part of her story resonates with you, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to see if Chinese Medicine can help you feel more optimal to keep doing what you love to do!