Sarah Carter, Lac


For many of us, there are various points in time when we feel the need for big change in our lives. We can tend to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or even ready to throw in the towel. It’s at these times when we need acupuncture most. When I was stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling to find happiness, I sought out acupuncture at the recommendation of many friends. It was transformative for me. I went from stuck to a new career.

I love the wonder that is the human body. I love nature. To me, the two make hard times in life easy. Both are so intricate, inspiring, adaptable, perfected, and the inner mechanics are fascinating. I study the body from a western, eastern, and yogi perspective. I love people, getting to know them, observing their process, sharing it with them, and watching them heal. In many cases I get the honor of providing a form of facilitation in the healing process.

As we age, so do our bodies. At times that can be depressing and yet we have to learn to embrace it, age with grace and support our bodies so that they can serve us well for as long as possible. I am very results oriented and measure them at every patient visit. Patience has never been my strength, though I am aspiring, and I expect fast results. Regardless of the ailment, I find being flexible in my approach allows for new perspective, ideas, and progress. My passion lies in treating pain, fertility, and the woman’s aging process. Assisting women and families as they plan for what will make their life complete is interesting, breathtaking, and much easier to naturally resolve than is often assumed. Acupuncture at Vitalize meets people where they are in life. Creating space for our health and transformation is living a life worth living.

Wishing you transformation and peace.