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As a reiki practitioner, my approach to healing is one that understands the physical, mental, and emotional bodies as energy that can be influenced. Much emphasis is placed on the chakra system, belief systems, thought forms, and patterns of thinking. The non-tangible aspects of our humanness can often influence the body in such a way that an illness, injury, or disease can get locked into our physicality. I understand influence to be a wide variety of things including thoughts, belief systems, food, behaviors of other people, injury, the environment, and much more. Every influence is made up of a resonance or a frequency. When there is a frequency that gets stuck in our physical, mental, or emotional body, this is when dis-ease can happen. My job as a reiki practitioner is to find the source of your dis-ease by finding the frequencies in your body that are not in resonance with your health and well being. I then raise the vibrations of your body with Reiki so that you are no longer a vibrational match for the lower frequency that is causing you pain, discomfort, or illness. This then allows the lower frequency to leave. Reiki and the use of your own life force energy are then used to fill in the space that is left behind so that there is no room for anything other than your own vitality to reside in your body. 

Sarah Marie is an energy medicine practitioner utilizing both reiki and shamanic technique in her healing practice. The scope of her work entails spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing. Sarah Marie began her studies in energy medicine here in Portland in 2011 with Igniting Spirit and the LightSong School of 21stCentury Shamanism and Energy Medicine. She has completed some of the highest levels of learning in shamanic technique. Sarah Marie is an Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher affiliated with and teaching under the guidelines of the International Center for Reiki Training.

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