Thought Forms: Unraveling and Recreating

Thought Form Unraveling

So much of how we live is dictated by the thought forms we are born into. Our family, our culture, our society, and other contexts/environments can literally program our minds and our bodies to operate in a certain way even if the programming doesn't make us feel good or match what we really believe. These thought forms can be about love, money, spirituality, health, aging, self worth, etc.

Thought forms are sustained by our life force energy. Without our energy, these thought forms lose their power over us. With our energy removed, some thought forms crumble and cease to exist. New thought forms that are in alignment with your well being can be created and then infused with the energy taken from the old one.

During a thought form unraveling, through the power of energy medicine, your energy will be unwound from the limiting thought forms you have been unconsciously living by. This energy will then be cleansed and put into a new thought form that has been consciously created by you. Additional Reading

The energy centers in our body (chakras) hold our belief systems. Our chakras broadcast our belief systems to the Universe and the Universe then responds accordingly. What a difference it makes when we consciously create what we want to believe rather than live by what has been passed down or instilled in us. This kind of healing focuses on consciously creating the beliefs we want held by our chakras so that what the Universe brings us is in alignment with our true desires. 

Much research has been put into the ability of water to hold frequency. Frequency can be thought of as information that can be tuned into (like a radio station). What the water in our bodies is attuned to greatly affects how we feel and what we attract. Through focused intention, a thought form unraveling will change the frequency in our bodies to match the frequency of our new mindset. Research

This kind of ceremony/meditation is particularly effective using the power of focused intention generated by a group. When a group comes together with a shared goal, the potential and the momentum that is created is multiplied exponentially. The capacity for change is magnified, and results can be seen more quickly. Related Reading 

Moving out of the mind and into the heart stops the uncontrolled mind chatter that creates realities fueled by chaos rather than coherence. This meditation will bring new programming to our energy centers from a place of heart energy rather than mental energy. Heart-Brain Connection

Sarah Marie Livings will be holding a group thought form unraveling meditation (with live drumming) once a week this November 2019 at the 511 building. Stay connected with our journal page and our newsletter for dates, times, and the chosen thought forms to be unraveled. Individual thought form unraveling can be scheduled with Sarah Marie through the Energy Therapy option on our booking page.

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