Wondering why you leave your acupuncture appointments for shoulder pain feeling so blissed out?

It is said in Chinese medicine that when there is pain, treat the spirit (i.e. mental-emotional wellbeing) of the patient. Within the scope of acupuncture, this treatment of the spirit is usually accomplished by incorporating points on the Heart channel and/or special points in the ear that help to promote an overall sense of calm and positivity. Many times new patients are surprised that when they come in with a local area of pain, they find that we place acupuncture needles in areas that seem completely unrelated. The truth is, there are many reasons that we might do this, but often times it can be because we are placing points that will help you feel more uplifted and in the right frame of mind for healing.

In fact, it’s my belief that this is one of the greatest reasons that acupuncture heals so effectively. As opposed to the dissociative effects of pain medication, which dull our senses and cause us to feel disconnected from our areas of injury, Chinese medicine seeks to both heal the local area of injury and furthermore create a sense of wholeness and connection throughout one’s entire mind-body. Even in the context of other western therapeutic techniques, often only specific areas of pain are focused on, and I think many people leave feeling more like fractured pieces of themselves, even if and when they are experiencing reduced levels of pain. I may be biased, I think in general people want to feel happy, whole, and recognized for their complete experience, and I love being able to work within a context of healing that is able to incorporate all of the above. 

Thought Forms: Unraveling and Recreating

So much of how we live is dictated by the thought forms we are born into. Our family, our culture, our society, and other contexts/environments can literally program our minds and our bodies to operate in a certain way even if the programming doesn't make us feel good or match what we really believe. These thought forms can be about love, money, spirituality, health, aging, self worth, etc.

Your Menstrual Cycle & Creating Balance with Herbal Medicine

​In Root ​cause Chinese medicine, we approach balancing and regulating health and hormones by regulating and optimizing the entire menstrual cycle. We understand the menstrual cycle as four phases. This means on average, your 30 day cycle is split into 4 weeks, or four phases. By optimizing each phase, we optimize fertility, hormonal and overall health. 

Astragalus: Get to Know this Plant Ally!

Astragalus, or Huang Qi, is a tonic herb that is useful for a variety of conditions characterized by Qi deficiency and sinking Qi:

  • Fatigue, foggy thinking

  • Allergies, including skin conditions and food sensitivities

  • Frequent infections, lowered immunity

  • Diarrhea, loose stools

  • Heavy menses, or depleted blood

  • Poor appetite, weak digestion

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Many of you have asked us lately about cosmetic acupuncture. At Vitalize, we offer two different styles, Mai Zen, and Facial Rejuvenation. Mai Zen is a style of cosmetic acupuncture that one of the Vitalize founders, Ms. Rachel Gilman L.Ac., was trained in shortly after graduating OCOM. When Rach made the leap, and left Vitalize to serve as an acupuncturist at Intel, some in our Vitalize community quickly asked who would be providing this service in her place.

Walking through...the final trimester of pregnancy

Third trimester: A.K.A. Get this baby out!

In the third trimester, I continued to rely on regular acupuncture treatments for pretty much all of the things that we went over for trimesters one and two. With an ever growing belly, the aches, pains, and fatigue were constantly shifting and changing. As someone who prioritizes feeling my best, it took a strong commitment to self-care and regular treatment. But the biggest superstar regarding acupuncture and the third trimester, and perhaps one of the things that acupuncture gets the most attention for (even amongst crowds who don’t lean on acupuncture for regular treatment), is acupuncture labor induction, another thing I relied heavily on at the end of my pregnancy.

Redefining Beauty

I was recently reminded about the importance of embracing beauty at every age and how revolutionary of a concept this is when I read an Instagram post by Rachel Brice - a strong, beautiful, inspiring dance instructor and performer. She was celebrating her 47th trip around the sun and commented that on her search for makeup and skincare for “mature skin” she was recommended, among other atrociously-named items, a “wrinkle revenge” product… (Insert jaw drop)