Winter Nourishment

In the dead of winter, the days can feel dark short and wet. With February traditionally being the month of love, we at Vitalize have used this month to focus on the heart and all the power it holds. The heart, a magnificent organ is in charge of pumping blood to the rest of the body keeping and supplying every fiber of yourself with life. Thinking of heart health I usually think of exercise and getting outside supporting the function and encouraging the correct flow. However, it is just as important to relax and feed your heart other ways. Below is a list that I have chosen to focus on this upcoming month. 


Get cozy and read a book:The cold and dark month can easily be forgotten when getting cozy on the couch and reading a love story. This lighthearted read will pull you from the outside difficulties and let your soul relax as you dive deep into the love of someone else. This specific read was written by a local Oregonian, Riley Costello, and is a new release that I have heard great things about! 




Take a hot shower and perform painless stretching:The temperature has dropped and the rain has increased making it hard to stay dry and warm in the Pacific Northwest. One of my biggest suggestions to patients that are experiencing stiffness and pain making it hard to sleep is to jump in a hot shower and stretch. The heat will warm your body and muscles allowing your fibers to loosen and stiffness to decrease. This simple practice will get you ready for bed relaxed and loose. 


Make soup:The season of soup has arrived! Take this opportunity to research and find a hearty soup you have been wanting to try or create your own recipe and savor every bite. Make sure to include a ton of veggies and spices to nourish you and warm you from the inside out. Below is a recipe I have been wanting to try by the powerhouse runner duo of Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky filled with olive and chickpeas.