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Xiao Yao San is a classical Chinese Herbal formula commonly used for a variety of issues cause by stagnation in the body, particularly in the liver.  When the liver stagnates we might experience irritability or a short temper, tension in our neck and shoulders, digestive upset which could include constipation or diarrhea, depressed mood, and an overall feeling of being 'stuck'.  We might feel stuck in life, with a partner, in our career, etc.  Its an overall lack of motivation to move forward, even if we already made the decision of what to do, though indecisiveness can also occur when the liver is stagnant.

Xiao Yao San is an herbal treatment that often comes along with immediate results.  Most patients notice right away that there is a sense of relief, a feeling of calm, motivation to complete tasks, the ability to move forward with their action plan, or create one.  The tension present in the neck and shoulders often resolves or lessens, digestive upset clears.

This classical formula includes the following prepared plant matter: white peony root, pona fungus, tangkuei root, atractylodes stem, ginger root, bupleurum root, mint leaf, and licorice.